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December 2nd 2009

Gordon Terry

Gordon Terry creates psychedelic puddles of acrylic paints on panels. Just like the works of Anselm Reyle that I featured a while ago, they show that art can be both garish and tasteful. You can enjoy his work on the websites of the ATM Gallery and of the Mike Weiss Gallery. I especially like the following collection of puddles:

Gordon Terry, A supernatural riot of astrology mysetery cults and strange machines (2006), acrylic on acrylic panel, 72x96 square inches, ATM Gallery.

It's a pity I couldn't find any high resolution image of his work. Here is the largest image I found, which already allows to appreciate a bit better the texture. Click on the picture.

Gordon Terry, Blue Field Entoptic Phenomenon (2009), acrylic on acrylic panel, ATM Gallery.

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