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December 4th 2009

Algorithmic art on Flickr

Flickr turns out to host a wealth of inspiring algorithmic artists. I made my link page more sexy by using this applet by Roy Tanck. It now displays my 20 most recent favorite works on Flickr with a cool 3d effect. Check it here. You can also check my Flickr contacts, most of them are algorithmic artists. The list will grow with time.

As I'm speaking of Flickr, check the Image foam set of Quasimondo. The idea behind these images is to fit copies of various sizes of an object as densely as possible without them overlapping. This is exactly the problem I considered for disks in these two blog posts and actually didn't solve satisfactorily.
Algorithmic work by Quasimondo

Quasimondo / Mario Klingemann, Dot Pattern (2006), algorithmically generated digital image.

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