20080807, algorithmic artwork by Samuel Monnier


2008, digital image and limited edition of 20 archival pigment prints

Copyright S.Monnier 2008

The zoomable versions of the works are currently unavailable.

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September 19th 2009

Emergent patterns

The works of Lilly Kelly Napangardi, an indigenous australian artist, displays very interesting emergent patterns. For instance here:


Lilly Kelly Napangardi, Tali, acrylic on linen, 100 x 150 cm

A pattern is emergent when it appears from variations in another pattern, a dot pattern in the image above. I have a few works exploring this idea, the best being probably 20080722.


20080722, displaying an emergent Truchet pattern from a smaller identical pattern. See also 20090118.

This work displays a Truchet pattern made of two types of tiles. However the tiles are not chosen randomly, but rather according to a larger identical Truchet pattern. It is also possible to choose the tiles according to a certain shape, for instance a folium in 20080809. The latter appears in a very interesting ghostly way, mysteriously reminiscent of autostereograms...


20080809, displaying an emergent folium from a Truchet pattern. See also 20080810.

Each time one is dealing with a pattern that requires local choices (like the choice of a type of tile for each tile of the Truchet pattern), it is possible to make these choices according to another larger pattern. The latter will then appear in the image as an emergent pattern.