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November 14th 2009

The Exlibris Museum

I enjoyed a lot my virtual visit at the Exlibris Museum. Exlibris (or bookplates) are small prints pasted in a book to personalize it. Though their origin is quite old, the pieces in the Exlibris Museum gallery seem recent (older looking ones can be found in the Bayros room). What struck (and pleased) me most is their very busy aesthetic, see for instance these artists:

The subjects are pretty weird and surrealistic:

Do not miss the crazy old-scientific-book-fashioned art of S.Tyukanov and Middle-Age kights riding toy horses of O.Denisenko.

Here is a beautiful instance of the "busy aesthetic" hinted to above. I could call this work fractal according to these criterions.


Exlibris by Albin Brunovsky.

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