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November 22nd 2009

Gigapixel image

I rendered 20090825-1 as a gigapixel (more precisely 65536 x 65536 pixels) image. I have now 24.5 GB of zoomable images on this website. These images are split into 256x256 pixel tiles, so this represents a fairly large number of files (of the order of a million...). As already a single gigapixel image is quite non-trivial to handle on my computer (it takes for instance about half an hour to duplicate it...), I asked my provider if this could cause stability problems with the server. Bad news, it seems that it interferes badly with the automated backups, so no more gigapixel images for a while.



This image is an especially interesting example of how a pattern can be both a subject and a texture, depending at which scale you look at it. Before zooming, you should see a very fine "embossed" texture. If you zoom on it, you will see that the embossed effect slowly disappears and a "snake" pattern similar to what you can see at large scales emerges. Even the two large grey-yellowish and black-red curved bands which structure the whole picture are part of a larger pattern of the same type.

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