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January 18th 2011

Clint Fulkerson

Clint Fulkerson has some interesting works on paper that mix organic and geometrical shapes. However it is his sculptures, created in collaboration with Ian Henderson, that I find most interesting. "Bifurcation" below is reminiscent of a mix of Mandelbulb and quaternionic 3d fractals, while "Pleonasm" looks like an IFS... Check also his blog.

Sculpture by Clint Fulkerson

Clint Fulkerson and Ian Henderson, Bifurcation (detail) (2010), sterling silver, 4'' x 3'' x 3''

Sculpture by Clint Fulkerson

Clint Fulkerson and Ian Henderson, Pleonasm (2010), sterling silver, 4'' x 3'' x 2''

More information about the creation of these sculptures can be found in this post and the following ones on the blog of Ian Henderson . Finally here are some ideas to create hand-made fractals.

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