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January 20th 2011

Extra views

A while ago I opened an account on Behance to make a bit of promotion. There, the works have to be organized into "projects". Although it is a common practice among artists, I seldom create series of works whose aesthetic is closely related. This is probably a mistake, because like ideas, works tend to have more success when they are repeated. (I wonder to which extent people would care about Mondrian's famous design had he created a single painting out of it.) Yet I would find it boring to create the same work all over again. Moreover the algorithms I use are so rich that there is really no need to. So at first I was a little bit confused about how to organize my works into "projects".

On the other hand, as I tried to explain here, almost each picture on this website is a single snapshot of an infinitely extended "algorithmic world". These single snapshots, even when they are displayed at high resolution through zoomable pictures, cannot be faithful representations of the algorithmic worlds they are issued from. So the problem was solved by displaying for each "project" a work together with a few extra views of the corresponding algorithmic world. Creating an extra view really does not take much more time than taking a photograph.

On this website, I created a collection gathering the works for which extra views are available. It currently contains only eight works, but it should grow slowly... Hopefully the extra views will create some context for these works, and will give a better idea of the richness of the underlying algorithmic world. Just scroll down when you're on the page displaying the work. Below, three views of 20091108.

A view of the algorithmic world 20091108

A view of the algorithmic world 20091108

A view of the algorithmic world 20091108

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