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p-gallery: Some old works and the help files for the artist's public collection of algorithms can be found there.

Algorithmic worlds on Google Plus, Twitter, Flickr, Delicious, Deviantart, Vimeo, Facebook, Tumblr, Behance, Saatchi Online.

Galerie Les 3 Soleils: Selected works in print can be seen there. Located in Epesse (VD), Switzerland. (Website in French)

Algorithmic and mathematical art:

Ultra Fractal: A fractal and algorithmic art program, used to create the works on this site.

algorithmic art: An interesting ressource about algorithmic art, with many pioneering works.

Zoomable images:

Openzoom: The flash applet used on this site to zoom on pictures.

Zoomify: A utility allowing to slice large images into zoomable tiles.

Closr: Upload your image and see it in zoomable form.

Gigapan: Upload your image and see it in zoomable form.

Fourteen masterpieces of the Prado

Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur

Chris Joran photography

Seadragon: Another zooming applet.


Algorithmic art:

aDiatomea Algorithmic art by Jim Soliven.

Gallery of computations: Flash art by Jared Tarbel.

Holger Lippmann: Algorithmic art.

Fractal Dimentia: Art by Mark Townsend.

Infinite art: Fractal art by Janet Parke.

Digital baroque: Fractal art by Morgen Bell.

Leonardo Solaas: Flash applets.

Dave Bollinger

Jonathan McCabe

Charis Tsevis: Emergent portraits.

Andy Lomas: DLA art.

Pasternak: 3d algorithmic art.

Mark Dow: Inspiring mathematical art.

Ultraiteror: Fractal art by Dan Wills.

Michael Hansmeyer: Algorithmic art and architecture.


Kris Kuksi: (Fractal?) sculptures.

Bette Burgoyne

Gerry Judah

Robert Horvitz

Gordon Terry: Paint puddles.

Pascal Lemoine: Glasswork

The Exlibris museum

Emma McNally

Constance Jacobson

Clint Fulkerson

The Anonima group: Minimalist abstract art.

Hiroshi Senju: Waterfalls from paint dripping.

Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur


Janet Waters: Fluid photography.

Hiroshi Sugimoto: Fractal photography.

Hector Garrido: Aerial photography.

BAlvarius: Aerial tilt-shift photography.

Chris Jordan: Running the numbers.

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